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MIT-Imperial College London Seed Fund
Deadline January 15, 2016 at 11:59pm EST
The MIT-Imperial College London Seed Fund promotes and supports early-stage collaboration between faculty at MIT and Imperial College London. The fund was created through a partnership between the MIT Office of the Provost and Imperial College London.
The application may be initiated by either the MIT or Imperial College London applicant (instructions below).
Note on the budget:
Grants will range between 30,000USD and 50,000USD for an 18-month project period. Grant awards will be evenly divided between the teams at MIT and Imperial College London.
Funds requested by the MIT team for travel to Imperial College London and/or workshops to be held at MIT should be requested in USD.
Funds requested by the Imperial College London team for travel to MIT and/or workshops to be held at Imperial College London should be requested in GBP.
For instance, for a project with a total budget request of 30,000USD, the MIT team should request 15,000USD, and the Imperial College London team should request approximately 9,750GBP by completing the budget form in the online application.
Please contact with any questions.
MISTI Global Seed Funds
The 2015-16 annual grant cycle for all other MISTI Global Seed Funds has closed. The next deadline will be in September 2016.
How to apply

Start a proposal by clicking on the "Sign Up" button under the "Need an Account?" on the right of this page.  Once you have started your proposal, you can add other team members to your project proposal by using the "Add Member" feature on the main page.  The proposal can be started by either the MIT applicant or the international collaborator.  You can save your application as you are working on it before submission. 
Please find a list of the proposal questions here.  Keep in mind this is just for informational purposes, and it does not include the budget.  You will need to submit the application via this online application.  If you have any other questions, please email us at
For additional information about specific funds, and for grant guidelines, please visit MISTI Global Seed Funds online.